Wine Museum Packages | Gold package

Product overview

The ticket costs 48,00 € per person and it includes: a taste of  8 different wines from our winery


• Aidani 2020 (White)

• Assyrtiko 2019 (White)

• Assyrtiko Reserve (White)

• Nykteri 2013 (White)

• Mavrotragano (Red)

• Red Selection 2013

• Kamaritis 2006 (Dessert Red Wine)

• Vinsanto2006 (Dessert White Wine)

(8 different wines of different ways and times of aging of wine making tradition in Santorini, with rare and unknown aspects that the visitor can get to know.)

The package includes cheeses, chocolate, and crackers


the entrance of the wine museum

Audio guide system or a guide book